Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Grand Canyon

This April, my daughter, Sarah, her husband Dave, and their daughter, Alexandra, and I, took a trip to the Grand Canyon to celebrate Sarah's 30th birthday. Since Dave's one-year job, as a clerk for a Federal Judge, took the family to Phoenix, it seemed like the best time to take advantage of the proximity to the Grand Canyon.

The second day we ventured down into the Canyon, hiking about 1,200 ft. down, yet well above the bottom, 4,500 ft. below.

Alexandra was a real trooper bouncing

along in Dave's backpack.

The views from the rim were spectacular!....and watching Alexandra was great as well. She had great time with her grandpa.

The last day of the trip we followed the canyon east, on our way back to Flagstaff, and then sidetracked to Sedona, as we worked out way back to Phoenix.

Not once was a fly rod in view during the fantastic weekend! Hard to believe, I know, but there's really nothing like being with family!

Only a few weeks until I will be with Jen, my oldest daughter, and her family, in Eagle River Alaska!

Australia fish eat flies too!

I just recieved a note from John Gower, who just returned from a trip
to Weipa, up north in the Carpenteria region of Northern Australia. He reported good catches of Barramundi, taken with my Neutralizer fly.

The "barra", as they are called, are a serious preditor, and inhabit estuary areas and fresh water rivers and lakes. Some can reach great size, and they can be a lot of fun on a fly rod, or so I am told. Yet another fish and fishing destination added to my list of places to visit!

My travel schedule starts to get busy at the end of June, with a trip to Alaska. In addition to playing with the grandkids and family, several of us are headed to the interior, in search of big Northern Pike and a new species for me-Sheefish. Hopefully, there will be plenty of opportunity for pictures of both species, on this trip north.