Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tarpon in the Yucatan-Tarpon Cay Lodge

For several years...
....Targus (the fly manufacturing company I work with) has been talking about doing a video in the Yucatan, featuring my tarpon flies, and it finally became a reality.

Jason and Gary Borger provided the professional film work, and the footage was spectacular!
We were fishing Tarpon Cay Lodge, located at the northern most tip of the Yucatan, and although I have fished baby tarpon here, on several occassions, this was the first year we had calm conditions allowing us to run off-shore, and fish for the larger migratory tarpon which range from 40 lbs. to over 100 lbs.!!

With calm seas on the 3rd day, we had our chance to run offshore and I was glad I packed my heavy 12 wt. rod. In the distance we could see dozens of large tarpon feeding and rolling, and our anticipation was growing every minute!
The tarpon were concentrated around large underwater fresh water springs, that boil up from below, and our objective was to drift quietly down wind, toward the fish.

Once in position the fish came to our flies aggressively!

This 40 lb. tarpon was one of the smaller fish, but a nice start to what was to become a great day of fishing.
Another tarpon of 80 lb. provided incedible jumps and powerful runs, testing the leader, rod and reel.......
.....and while fighting another large tarpon, Marco asked me to turn around for a picture and he snapped this shot the very second the big fish started to jump.

The fly that worked incredibly well for us, was my new "Cut Bait" pattern. It is an awesome baitfish immation. Both the blue and chart. colors, tied on a Tar 800, 2/0 hook brought aggressive strikes.......

......as did the new "Flatliner" baitfish pattern.

Once again, the food at Tarpon Cay Lodge was amazing.....a seafood lovers paradise!

Many thanks to Marco, Beto and all the wonderful staff at Tarpon Cay Lodge; and to Gary and Jason Borger, for a great week in the Yucatan.

Here is a short video that was shot on this trip......enjoy!