Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Emigrant Wilderness-2014

After a great trip in 2013, into the Emigrant Wilderness, we couldn't wait to return.  This trip, packing with horses and mules, started at Kennedy Meadows (El. 6,000 ft.), and climbed to Mosquito Pass (El. 9,600 ft.), on our way to Emigrant Lake!  As we passed backpackers lugging 60 lb. packs, we were thankful for strong and steady horses, making the trip enjoyable, and allowing us to take in the incredible beauty everywhere we turned.

Lunch Meadow
We climbed for 3 hours before arriving at Lunch Meadow, stopping at Sheep Camp for a short break.

 After cresting Mosquito Pass (9,600 ft.) we descended into the Emigrant Lake drainage, and the headwaters of Cherry Creek. 


 Cherry Creek

 Emigrant Lake
Dome above our camp

Everywhere you looked we saw incredible beauty!
We saw Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles, and Osprey.  
Deer fed nearby, and we even had a visit from a Pine Marten.  


Of course, our primary reason for venturing into this wilderness was to sample the trout fishing.  With float tubes and waders we were able to explore a large portion of the lake. 
We weren't disappointed!

 Beautiful Brook Trout!

We caught these chunky Brook Trout on various subsurface streamers, and my favorite was a baitfish imitation that I developed for Alaska several years ago!

  ...and big fat 16" - 18" Rainbows!

Small midges, and BWO's were plentiful in the morning, and trout sipped them in the shallows-the perfect setting for an old dry fly fisherman!  If that wasn't enough, the termites/ants came pouring out of the trees, one morning, and it seemed every rainbow in the lake was gorging on them!  Switching to an ant pattern proved deadly on these big, hungry bows!

The largest about 15" long!


After 3 days of fishing and relaxing, it was time to pack up the mules, climb back in the saddle,  and head back to Kennedy Meadows.

 Relief Reservoir


We are already planning our next adventure, even deeper into God's Country, next year!

Many to thanks to Dan Palm and Jay Remley for an unforgettable trip!