Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fly Fishing Dealer Show-Denver

Denver Fly Fishing Dealer Show

This past September, 2005, I was invited to attend the annual dealer show, which is for the Fly Fishing Trade. People from fly shops around the world, catalog stores, equipment dealers, and fly fishing media, gather for this very important trade show. This is where companies, like Targus, show the trade new and exciting products for the coming year.

I was fortunate to be invited as a "featured tyer" for Targus, which included exposure in their new catalog.

When I arrived, I discovered a newly built Targus booth, which included pictures of various new fly designs, including my Neutralizer!

I am standing with Wayne Richie,

President of Targus.

Here is a view showing the inside of the Targus booth, my fly tying area and the many fly tying products offered by Targus.

After the show closed on Sunday, we headed to Casper Wyoming, guessed some fishing.

We fished the North Platte River, and I was able to catch a very nice brown trout on a big Sculpin.

A highlight of fishing the North Platte was watching an antelope buck walk down to the river, and drink next to me. The wildlife here was amazing. It is hard to believe how many antelope inhabit this part of Wyoming!

This week proved to be a very important new chapter in my business, as I met many key people in the industry and formulated plans for new fly designs.