Friday, May 24, 2019

Georgia Reds-2019

Fishing for, or rather hunting, redfish is one of my favorite ways to fish,  and when you combine this with a family vacation, it is a fantastic way to enjoy a week!  Each day started with a bike ride, with the family, capped off with a few hours in the evening, chasing redfish!
I have had several great trips to Georgia, and Florida, fishing the flats from Savannah, GA., to St. Augustine, FL.
St. Augustine oyster beds

 Brunswick, GA

St. Simons with Capt. Scott Owens

Redmeat Neutralizer....again!

We stayed on St. Simons Island, and enjoyed the biking, hiking the beach, and some great seafood!  However, the timing of our trip was focused on the "super flood tide" that occurs for only a few days, each month, and it is the spring and summer months that bring the redfish up into the grassy flats, just about everywhere they are found.  Normally, these flat have little or no water covering them, but with the full moon, the extra push from the tide, adds water to the flats, and usually this is enough skinny water to trigger the redfish to feed.  Unfortunately, this flood tide situation only lasts a few hours, but it can be very exciting!
It is very special to see a big red tail waving in the air, as the other end of the fish forages for a meal, down in the grassy roots.  
Usually, the movements of the reds, as they feed, are very random, and this can make it tough to intercept the fish, with the fly.  
Sometimes, it can make you crazy, until you finally "line" the fish, and it explodes and heads for the exit....or it finds your fly, and makes a rush, to eat it!

On this trip, as usual, I had just a few hours, for 3 days, to make it all come together.  Unfortunately, high winds reduced our visibility, and chances, to find fish, and I only had 3 shots each day.  
We actually had to cancel the 3rd day.  

However, working hard with my guide, Capt. Scott Dykes, we were ableto get in front of one redfish that ate the orange Redmeat Neutralizer, eagerly!

Check the moon!  
Big tide, and a flooded grass flat!

Two happy fishermen!

 Redmeat Neutralizer

 Hunting for Tails!

Can't wait to get back to Georgia, or wherever, for the flood tide, and tailing redfish in the grass!