Friday, December 02, 2005

Amazon Peacock Bass

I received a trip report from Joe Falcone, who just got back from the Amazon. His group was targeting peacock bass and was equipped with Pike Gurglers, Rattlin' Gurglers and a few of my new Slide Ball sliders tied in wild "pike colors". Typically, peacocks respond to loud, splashy plugs and surface bugs, but on this trip the peacocks were timid and reluctant to strike the normal arsenal of top water plugs and bugs. Finally, after very poor results, Joe decided to try one my new Slide Ball sliders, and the bass came alive.

Here is a typical peacock bass with a Slide Ball slider pinned to its jaw.

Two Slide Ball sliders designed for Peacock Bass

There was some activity with the noisier bugs and the Rattlin' Gurgler proved effective when the peacocks were in mood to respond.

Peacock Bass are certainly on my "to do list" and hopefully, will be pulling on my string in the near future. The heart-stopping, explosive top water strikes, make them one of the top fly rod species.