Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Alaska trip #4: Fly-in with my daughter and grandson

The highlight of my fantastic trip to Alaska, has to be the day trip we flew in to a small pike lake, near Anchorage.
My grandson, Abe, had not experienced flying in a float plane, or caught a fish on a fly-especially one tied by his grandpa...
...that was all to change!

We spotted several moose in a big meadow, from the plane, and the pilot was nice enough to bank the plane so we could get a closer look.

This is one happy boy!
I would make the cast and hand the rod to Abe so he could strip the gurgler himself. He caught-on fast and then learned to lift the rod and set the hook. Fortunately, he learned all this before the biggest fish of the day ate his gurgler!
He played the fish like a pro and we had the pike along side the boat in no time.

Abe was nervous about getting too close to those nasty teeth, but managed to hold on long enough for a picture. What a great experience for all three of us, and I can still hear Jenny, my daughter, laughing with joy over her son's fish.

Oh, Yea! Maybe the best eating fish in Alaska, in addition to being a great top water fish!

I can't wait to get back up there next year!


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