Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alaska Trip #3: Grayling and 4 wheeling into the bush

This is a fishing trip? Yikes! I soon realized it was an excuse to take the
4 x 4's out............. and get them stuck!

Fortunately, this was the worst part of the bog, but it was a killer. After getting a winch in position, we were able to keep moving, however, the winch was needed many times before we reached our camp site some 15 miles off the Glenn Highway.

Finally, we arrived at our destination, a beautiful stream with plenty of big grayling waiting to pounce on a dry fly.

Just before this picture was taken I jumped a big caribou grazing near the stream. What a site!

Since spring was late this year, only large grayling, of 15" or larger, were migrating through the stream, with their smaller cousins following them in the weeks to come. A well placed dry fly brought solid rises, and this grayling was the largest I caught-nearly 20 inches long!

Later that evening, as we sat around the campfire, a bit of wild Alaska unfolded before us. A bald eagle dropped like a rocket, and nearly missed a low flying seagull.

I am grateful to my daughter, Jennifer, and her husband, Harold for making this special trip to the "bush" a memorable and exciting experience.


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