Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alaska Trip #2: Sheefish-The Holitna River

This sheefish was about the largest we caught on the Holitna River.

It weighed in at about 17 lbs.

Big sheefish caught with a Gray & White Slideball slider!

The head of a snook, the body of a white fish, the mouth of a tarpon. Yep, it's a sheefish!

...Yep! The Slideball....again!

This is a typical 12# sheefish, which we caught one rainy morning. We lost track of the count, and it was great fishing with buddies who didn't count fish. Fish were still busting smolt as we motored away, totally content and satisfied with our success.

Note the jumping sheefish, in the background. There were many fish, like this one, chasing smolt, all morning, and our casts need only reach 40-50 ft. to bring a strike!

My old buddy, Tom Ross, and new friend, Mike Scott, had a fantastic trip to Sleetmute and the Holitna River. It was a trip of a lifetime, and I am thankful to them for making it a reality for this old fly fisherman!