Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weipa Australia-The Neutralizer on the Prowl!!

I just received a note and some great pictures from Duncan O'Connell, who just returned from a trip to Weipa, in northern Australia.

He writes, "...the Tan Neutralizer was my #1 fly for fishing the shallow rocks and brommies, just off the beaches. 3 out of 4 anglers were using Neutralizers and 3 out of 4 were catching fish! They lost count at about 50 barramundi."

"The Neutralizer caught fish such as Coral Trout (pictured), blue salmon, Queenfish (pictured) golden travally, barramundi, estuary cod, and more."

This is a very exciting report for the Neutralizer!

Here is a picture of a Coral Trout, with a Tan Neutralizer stuck in its jaw.

Here is Duncan with a nice Queenfish, taken on a big Gurgler!

Congratulations to Duncan on a great catch, and great report!


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