Friday, September 11, 2020

New Orleans Bull Red(s) 2019


This may be the shortest blog entry....ever!

Our group of 8 anglers were scheduled to fish the Biloxi Marsh, in February, 2019, but the weather had other plans.  

The wind blew and the rain fell....every day!

Our guides were as frustrated as we were, but decided to give up on sight fishing, and cast sinking lines to likely areas with the off chance that we might get lucky.  When that failed, we actually got out on shore, with the plan to fish a deep channel that dropped off quickly from the shoreline.  Again, we were using fast sinking lines to get down deep.

As I walked up the shoreline, preparing to strip out line and start casting, a huge red tail poked through the muddy water, in less than a foot of water, right in front of me....and disappeared!  I was shocked, and excited, to quickly get my fly to the spot, as you can imagine.  As I was about to cast, I caught a glimpse of movement to my left, about 30 feet away, amidst the muddy, choppy waves, crashing on the shore.  Since I was ready to shoot the line, I redirected my cast immediately to a second massive red tail, guessing where the other end of this bull red might be located.  Instantly, I was hooked to a big red, and the fight was on!

Minutes later I beached this beautiful bull red, that weighed in at 33 lbs.  

Yes, this was the only fish I caught, or saw, the entire week.  

Thankfully, it was a memorable fish and experience!

The fly has been my favorite for bull reds, for several years, and the dark black/purple profile was exactly what was needed in the stained water!

Lee's Bull-et Fly


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