Friday, September 15, 2017

Espiritu Santu Bay...Epic!

My trip to Espiritu Santu Bay, at the bottom of the Yucatan, began with a 2 day "tune up" at Isla Blanca, north of Cancun.  I was fishing with my buddy, Mike Scott, and we decided to add a couple of days to our ESB trip, and fish with my old guide, Enrique Trinidad, and his son Bernardo.

Although the weather was overcast, making sight fishing tough, we were able to find some permit and tarpon, and have a great time!


Enrique Trinidad

Weaving our way through the mangroves, hunting tarpon....

 ....and as usual, Enrique found us some nice tarpon!

The Floating Minnow, once again, was a great fly for the mangroves.  It sinks slowly, but rising when it is stripped, and is weedless, so you can fish it aggressively in the mangroves!


With bad weather in Cancun, and heavy rain the day of our transfer  to Espiritu Santu Bay
we were hopeful that the jump 200 miles south, would make a difference in the weather.....and it did!

Espiritu Santu Bay Lodge...
...newly opened and awesome!

With perfect weather, it didn't take our great guides long to find all 5 of our group multiple shots at permit!  This 17 lb. permit was a great way to start my trip!
We enjoyed relaxing on the deck, for happy hour, and telling stories of the "fish of the day"!

After fishing ESB, at Paradise Lodge, 2 years ago, I was aware that there might be an opportunity to catch big migratory tarpon, and this year Mike and I wanted to be sure to investigate the channel, if the weather permitted.

We weren't disappointed!

With glassy conditions we were able to locate a small pod of tarpon, and it didn't take long for this 70 lb. tarpon to find my fly!


Although most bonefish in Mexico and Belize are typically small, we found the bonefish in Espiritu Santu Bay, averaged much larger.  In fact, we had shots at big bonefish that would have pushed 8 lbs.!

Similar to Ascension Bay, to the north, Espiritu Santu Bay is ALL about the permit!

 This trip was without a doubt my best week of flats fishing, ever, and I ended the week with 7 permit...a personal best!   

All of my permit were caught with my new Spawning Shrimp.  I used a white, and also a beige color, and the permit loved this new fly.  With various clients using this fly in Ascension Bay, and Cuba, the Spawning Shrimp has accounted for over 50 permit, in one year!
If that wasn't enough, one day brought 4 permit to hand, including 2 bonefish and a tarpon...
A Grand Slam!  
With a second tarpon lost at the boat, I was inches from 2 Grand Slams in one day! 

 With winds shifting to the south, our guide, Luis, headed south to fish snook and tarpon on a wide, 2' deep, sugar-white flat, and it didn't take long to spot a small pod of 20 - 40 lb. tarpon cruising our way!  Check out this video of Mike an a beautiful 35 lb. tarpon that really put on a show, in the shallow water!

I was even able to wade this flat and catch a tarpon, on my own...a first for me!

We fished for snook along a tree lined shoreline, and many shots at snook to 20 lbs.

Snook Country!
This small 8 lb. snook was a nice addition to our week.
The Floating Minnow (weedless), in chartreuse, was great for these snook! 

There was even good beach fishing in front of the lodge....
Triggerfish everywhere!

...and the food was incredible at ESB Lodge!

Many thanks to the fantastic guides at Espiritu Santu Bay Lodge!
Luis, Fernando, Alex & and Jorge
The flats skiffs made our fishing even more enjoyable!

Blessed with one of six perfect weather days!

I want to especially thank my partner, Mike Scott, and anglers Daniel, Sebastian, and Edgar, for a great week at ESB!



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