Saturday, August 10, 2019

Isla del Sabalo-2019

The beginning of a new day, and hope for a great trip!

Every morning we were treated to glassy, calm conditions
and rolling tarpon!


Our first day day took us far offshore to search shallow, turtle grass
flats, for cruising tarpon....

....and it didn't take long before our group was hooked up with 
high flying tarpon


Typcial Isla del Sabalo tarpon

I used a new version of my Foxxy Griz Minnow, offshore.....

....Foxxy Griz Minnow-red & white

Although most of the tarpon ranged 15 to 25 lbs., we did find some that were larger!

Tidal flow is critical along the mangrove coast, as low tide brings the tarpon out of the "back country", and the super low tides, we experienced, were even better.  Our guides knew exactly when the tide would make these fish available, and we all caught tarpon!

We fished along the mangrove shoreline and in the river systems, finding tarpon along the way!

I was excited to try a new adaptation to my 
the ever-popular 

Foxxy Griz Minnow...

...which has been a "go to" pattern, at Isla del Sabalo, for many years.
In fact, the Foxxy Griz Minnow was "born" in Campeche, and proven
on the rivers around Isla Arena (Isla del Sabalo), in 2005.  

The new Floating Minnow BT was my primary fly for the rivers and along the mangroves, and took many tarpon during our trip!

Floating Minnow BT-olive

Technically, this fly does NOT float, and sinks slowly....
....however, when stripped, it rises to the surface, 
creating a seductive action that tarpon simply can not resist.  
I fished this same pattern at Tarpon Cay Lodge, just 3 weeks prior to our trip to IDS, and the results proved this fly a winner!

Floating Minnow BT-light orange


Hunting for tarpon along the mangrove shoreline....

....and in the rivers!

The weedless Floating Minnow BT, was the perfect choice for these tree lined rivers!

The new Floating Minnow BT in action!


Archive picture from 2005, fishing the "new" Foxxy Griz Minnow!

As with tarpon fishing everywhere, long and accurate casting is critical to success, and our group reaped the rewards!

Many thanks to Marco Ruz, and his talented guides.  

Also, thanks to Doug, Dana, Danny, David and Jimmy, for making this trip "one for the ages"!

Gracias Dios!


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