Friday, October 22, 2021

Tarpon Cay Lodge-2021

 Once again, Tarpon Cay Lodge showed us why this fishery must rank near the top, world wide!

After many years, located in nearby San Felipe, Marco Ruz moved the lodge to Rio Lagartos, just a few miles away, and the move is proving to be a huge success!  The hotel staff, and the restaurant food, were outstanding!

The shallow, weedy flats, near the lodge, produced great action for our group, and we all had numerous shots, each day.

Typical Baby Tarpon

Early Morning gold!

Of course, having the right flies, for each situation, really helped us all score well!

Deep Cover Shrimp

Yucatan Sunrise

Mujarra Neutralizer

Prawn Neutralizer

Most of our group, although experienced fly fishermen, had not fished for tarpon, and they quickly learned that it required some adjustments in flies, tackle and technique, to boat these amazing fish!


Ron Sakino with a nice "baby" tarpon


Although the migratory season was virtually over, for the larger tarpon, we did venture offshore, and found some medium size tarpon willing to play.  

30 lb. Tarpon-what a blast!

My partner, Jeff, was very successful!  2 trips to the Yucatan, really helped him with his technique, and casting!

Jeff Slaboden and nice "baby tarpon"!

...and yet another beautiful tarpon!

Many thanks to Jeff, John, Marcus, Terry, and Ron, for a great week!

Thankfully, Marco has 3 of the very best guides, in the Yucatan:

Cresp, Martin, and Elyseo!

Muchas Gracias, Marco Ruz,

for a great week....see you next year!

Gracias Dios!


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