Thursday, August 18, 2011

.....more Georgia Redfish

.....Laying in the Grass!

After my successful trip to Georgia (see previous post) in May, my guide,
Capt. Scott Owens

was sold on the Red Meat Neutralizer for shallow water and tailing redfish.

He ended up purchasing a box full of this great neutrally buoyant fly, and it
didn't take long for him to put them into action!

Check out some of his pictures!

Red Drum aka: Redfish

Even Triple Tail find the Neutralizer too much to resist!

Triple Tail

Red Meat Neutralizer Series

Orange & Burnt Orange

Black and Gold

Since this pattern has been so successful, I have added 2 new colors to the Series

Tan & Gold

Purple & Black

Many Thanks to Capt. Scott Owens for these great pictures!

Great Fishing!


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